marine consultancy

OceanGlobe provides assistance as a marine consultancy in the development of specific SOLAS training manuals for safety training, anti-pollution control plans, safety and salvage plans, energy efficiency plans, ship security plans and other required plans and documentation By the state of pavilion or the society of classification.

implementation and audits

At OceanGlobe we offer complete implementation of ISM, Protection (ISPS), Maritime Labor (MLC 2006), and the Large Yacht Code (LY3), as well as internal audits and monitoring and improvement Of the manuals of the management systems and services DPA and CSO 24 hours 7 days.

About us

Hugo García developed his professional career first as a deck officer and later as captain in high speed ships and conventional passenger and cargo ships in one of the leading companies in the sector, sailing the Mediterranean Sea, Strait of Gibraltar or the sea Caribbean.

Gibraltar or the sea Caribbean. His knowledge of international maritime legislation and his taste for continuous improvement led him to set up his own maritime consultancy, specializing in compliance with ISM, ISPS and maritime work (MLC 2006). At present, OceanGlobe has professionals from various areas experts in the field of compliance of commercial ships and large yachts, such as naval engineers, lawyers and economists.